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Offa my lawn, you!

Also at the event (Moose Tourney and Collegium) this past weekend... I was chatting with several ladies, comparing baby notes. One, young but certainly an adult, mentioned something about how she was born/very young during Desert Storm.

And I'm thinking, There's no way you could have been born during Desert Storm. I remember Desert Storm, I was in high school, that was only ten... no wait, fifteen... no wait... when the hell did it get to be 2010?

1991 is almost twenty years ago. Holy cow. I've lived in Maryland for over ten years now. On the one hand, it hardly feels like it, like I must still be the new transplant. On the other hand, my "hobbit hole" basement apartment in Hyattsville feels like it was part of a different life, long ago. Longer ago, in some ways, than my family home in NJ - maybe because I still go there? It's still a part of my current life, whereas that first apartment and the whole lifestyle that went with it (living alone, grad school hours, late nights at the gaming store, daily calls to my long-distance boyfriend except on Buffy Night) are vanished, gone, and replaced with my current married with two kids, townhouse-dwelling, weeknights-in schedule.

I wouldn't trade back, although I'm sometimes envious of the freedom that younger me had. Those were good times, but so are these. Just different.
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