Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Car blogs should write about cars

But the robot is by GM! They totally know about GM! And the comments! Oy!

Robonaut has been in development at Johnson Space Center for at least a decade. Possibly longer. It's teleoperated, although I believe they are beginning to experiment with at least partial autonomy on it. So that "replacing astronauts"... okay, it's at Johnson. That means the robot will be outside and the human will be inside the space vehicle. Trust me, if it's at Johnson, the paradigm includes humans in space.

And comparing it to Asimo... it sort of like saying that a motorcycle is sooooo much better than a forklift. That depends on what you want to do, doesn't it? Asimo walks. That's its big thing. Walking is hard. Robonaut has human-like hands in a human-like size. They had to use an expert watchmaker to build those things. They're a marvel of precision engineering. That's hard.

Is there a legitimate argument to be made for non-anthropomorphic robots making more sense than anthropomorphic ones? Yes. Is there a legitimate argument that anthropomorphic robots can work in spaces designed for humans and are possibly more amenable to "next gen" teleoperation techniques? Yes. Does this article articulately address either? No.
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