Teleri (telerib) wrote,

It's like raaaaaaain on your wedding day

I successfully did the interfacing at the neck of the Arnegunde coat I'm making. Finally! I made a neckline that isn't deformed and the contrasting fabric on the interfacing ended up right-side out! Woo!

...okay, so two of the gores are wrong-side out, but the seams are finished very nicely (thankyouverymuch) and I'll just sew them flat and pretend like it's embellishment.

So. All going quite well. Going to bind the cuffs in satin, sew up the sides, slice down the front and then bind the raw edges in more satin. Hem the bottom, more satin optional, and it's done.

And guess who has started rejecting the breast at feeding time? It's been 50/50 the past three days whether or not Ben will nurse. I think he prefers the instant gratification of the bottle, or maybe he's just more used to it now - on an average workday, he gets one, maybe two feedings from me.

I mean, it'll be a nice overtunic regardless. It's just very *headdesk*y that the person for whose benefit the garment is being made is now mooting its purpose.
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