Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Arnegunde coat

I have nervously embarked on my first dyeing project. The red "100% wool" I used for my veil is a touch orangey, and not the best look on me. Not bad, but I like a bluer red. So I got some RIT dye in scarlet and... well, it's in the washer now. It gets another rinse, then a wash, and then the dye fixative.

I guess I'm worried about staining the washer? Or something? It seemed like a huge blinking deal.

I decided not to splash out on real silk. (The original coat had its edges bound in silk, which then had goldwork couched to it.) If I do this over with actual wool in the future, maybe then. I bought a decent quality, lower-gloss polyester satin instead. I normally avoid polyester like the plague, but it's only going on the edges and hems. It shouldn't be too bad.
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