Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Wrap-up: Random bits that amused

The earlier forehead-smacking pretty much finishes my main problems with the game. I want to blither a bit on character arcs and romance, but first just a few quick things that caught my eye.

Twice, NPCs referred to my hair. Leilianna thought I styled it well; my brother said he'd bug me til I tore it out if I didn't come to visit. As I chose the 'bald' hair option, I thought this was pretty amusing. (I know it's totally unreasonable to expect them to redo dialogue based on player-selectable minor appearance tweaks, but it's still funny.)

I shelled out a fair chunk of in-game change to buy a sword named "The Rose's Thorn." The sword did go well with my overall character build, but I will totally own up to the fact that I mostly wanted it because of the name. Quite early on, my romance option NPC gave me a rose, you see, so it just seemed way too appropriate in a silly sentimental way.

In a similar vein, I decided which of my tank fighters got which armor sets as much by how they looked as by the in-game bonuses. I'm sorry, the blood dragon plate is ugly and I don't want to look at it. I'll take my knight in shining armor in shining armor, thanks.

(This makes me think it would be fun to develop additional content that lets you play dress-up doll with the characters. The quest would have to center around getting Alistair to dress in drag and dance the Remigold (what he jokes that he won't do, even if the king commands it to defeat the darkspawn, before Ostagar).)

Before heading into Denerim for the last battle, fellow Grey Warden Alistair pointed out that one or both of us was going to die, and that it had been an honor. Why is this funny? Because Captain Halibut himself, Riordan, has volunteered to slay the archdemon and die in the process. Clearly, even the NPCs don't believe that Riordan can pull this off.
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