Teleri (telerib) wrote,

It's a virtue

I am not a patient person.

Sometimes, I do a pretty good impression of one. I can be philosophical about getting delayed at an airport or stuck in traffic. Does stressing about it get me there any faster? No. So why stress?

But if there's an option to go faster? I'm all over it. If you've ever spoken to me IRL, I've probably interrupted you if I thought I knew how you were going to end a sentence. If the information exchange is complete, let's get to the next round, right?!! (It's one of my worst habits, and I am sorry. Maybe I should get one of those LiveStrong bracelets and write "Listen" on it.)

So I'm pleased with myself that, for me anyway, I've been patient doing some of these A&S projects. I've done test pieces. I've practiced on scrap. Okay, maybe not much or sometimes not enough, but that I did it at all is a big step.
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