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Recognizing food issues

My typical breakfast is cottage cheese and pineapple. I need the protein in the morning and it's tasty. I have recently discovered that Bloom's full-fat cottage cheese is OMG the YUM. All good.

I forgot to bring a Tupperware for the can of pineapple today. Typically, I eat breakfast at my desk (since I get in at 0630) and I store cottage cheese and pineapple in the fridge here. Well, I'm not going to leave an open can of pineapple in there. So what should I do?

Clearly, eat the whole can.

Usually, a can of pineapple tidbits gets me through four or five 8-oz servings of cottage cheese. I had already decided that, since I was uncommonly hungry, I was going to eat the whole 16-oz container of cheese. (Farmers got nothing on nursing mothers when it comes to breakfast, let me tell you.) So I had about twice as much pineapple as I needed for the job.

Now, I really like pineapple. But I also really like this cottage cheese. And I was about 2/3 of the way done when I thought, "Why am I putting on more pineapple than I really want to eat?"

Answer: Must not waste pineapple!

Seriously? Because it's so important that I not waste the $0.40 that half the can cost?

Pineapple sweet and yummy! Must eat all pineapple!

But I don't want this much pineapple right now. I want to taste the cheese. And there are three more cans of pineapple at home, should the craving suddenly arise.

And I put the can aside.

It's progress - a few years ago, I wouldn't have stopped to think how foolish it was.
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