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So... let's say one is doing a series of A&S items suitable for a 9th - 10th century Anglo-Saxon persona. And one finds an account of a nifty item written by Burchard of Worms. Worms is in Germany - so, sharing an ethnic heritage with the Saxons of 450 CE who settled England - but pretty far south. If it were up north, in the area that had frequent trade with Kent, it would be a pretty simple rationalization. But it's not.

Burchard of Worms wrote a penitential, a laundry list of questions for a priest to ask people in confession. One of the questions that could be asked of women was if they had made a strap-on and used it alone or with another woman.

I totally kid you not. It's pretty explicit about what is being made and how it's used.

It doesn't specify materials. Given that it would be constructed clandestinely (one assumes), I'd assume a stuffed leather rather than wood. This is an era before sandpaper, too, so just... no. I swear I remember reading about bread dildos somewhere, but again, ow. Maybe with an egg glaze? Fabric would get nasty quickly (and wool - ow; linen might be all right), but you might have a chance of keeping leather somewhat clean. And no ow.

I imagine I'd put it in a box with a sign "You must be 18 years of age to judge this entry."
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