Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Tafl, embroidery, and Persona Pentathlon

I'm more than halfway done with the rows (or is it columns?) of the tafl board. I'd been making stitches about 1/2" long, then tried some smaller ones about 1/4" long. At first, I was convinced that these smaller stitches were immensely superior in appearance; now I'm not so sure. I admit I'm in a bit of a hurry - I'm trying to get this done before maternity leave is over.

I'm considering getting an entry together for Persona Pentathlon (a 9th or 10th cen. Anglo-Saxon lady), to send ahead if I can't go myself (baby and all). I kind of need a nursing gown, so that might be the needle arts category. Otherwise, I've been wanting to try a brocaded tablet-woven band, now that I have the instructions for it. Then, under domestic crafts, I've got this tafl board. The other entries would be courtly arts, mostly my poetry and music (maybe even a couple of things I have already finished, to ease the time pressure), but maybe the heraldic banner I've been wanting to make forever.
Tags: sca
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