Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Geek will out

It honestly started out as a normal snowman. One big ball for the bottom, check. One smaller ball for the top, check. Pat snow into the join between them. (That was when Spud decided to help; he really got into slapping snow on, breaking lumps off, and generally abusing the snowman. Perhaps he had an inkling of what was to come.)

Pat, pat. Pat, pat. I was wearing gloves, not mittens, so the finger-marks were imprinted in the snow. They looked... tentacular.

A unibrow, two stubby wings and some facial tentacles later, Sno-thulu loomed in our yard. For a few seconds at a time, anyhow, which was as long as it took Professor Spud of Arkham University to investigate and destroy critical parts of the idol. Dad's clearly been seeing his occult education begins early.
Tags: spud
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