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Tafl tafl tafl tafl mushroom MUSHROOM

So I saw a very pretty commercial tablut game at my Friendly Local Gaming Store. I did not buy it, but it ignited a sudden bizarre enthusiasm in me for a period tafl game.

I say "bizarre" because I am not really a board game sort of person, I already carry too much junk to events, and I'm not sure what I'd do with it.

Resources on tafl games are not hard to find. But then, what to do about it?

A wooden board is nice and authentic. We have extant boards. Some are even pegged, like those little solitaire games with the golf tees some restaurants leave to amuse patrons. Wouldn't that be great for an outdoor event, where a breeze would blow things away? Yeah! Except see "too much junk," above. If I made the board a decent size (say 12" x 12") it would be another clumsy thing to pack. If I made it travel-sized, the pieces would be too small to play with easily. (I have a travel-sized games box that I made with nine men's morris and some other games in it. I almost never use it because of this reason.)

Well, that original tablut "board," observed in Finland in the 19th century, was made out of hide. Reindeer or elk, I forget which, and embroidered. A nice flexible, but reasonably weighty, scrap of elkhide would also not blow away (which a fabric 'board' would) except in pretty stiff winds.

If I ever find a nice scrap of elkhide, I'll totally do that. But Tandy looks to be selling nothing under 10 square feet of deerskin and, at $9 a square foot... no.

So I've gotten myself a chamois from Target. Not quite as thick and heavy as elk, but soft, very packable, and quite thin enough that I think I can embroider it.

Next up... pieces...
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