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I've been having contractions since 7:00 this morning. They were clocking in fairly regularly every 6 minutes for 45 seconds; around 11:00, they got noticeably stronger. From noon til 2:30 or so, they started spacing farther apart, but now they seem to be back. And be stronger. And... owie... longer.

...oookay, after that one, I think it's time to start counting seconds again, because I have a feeling we'll be heading to L&D shortly.

We did have a lovely Thanksgiving luncheon. I still hedged my bets and made sure I had my pie for breakfast this morning. :) My other Cunning Plan is to pack a Tupperware of leftovers to stash in the hospital kitchenette for post-delivery meal, rather than have to eat hospital food.
Tags: pregnancy
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