Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Questions for discussion

Required background: Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Approximately 182 times.

1a. After Mr. Conductor slices open Pinchy's hydraulic line, who repairs it?
1b. Why would they?

2. Similarly, why does Sir Topham Hatt employ a known violent sociopath like Diesel 10?

3a. Is there a timeline for Diesel 10's attack on Lady that makes any sense at all?
3b. If the attack occurred on the island of Sodor, why didn't the Conductor or Controller follow up on the missing engine and the boy who was entrusted with her?
3c. If the attack occurred on or near Muffle Mountain, how did Diesel 10 return to Sodor? (Recall that Diesel 10 did not know the location of the magic railroad.)

4. What sort of maniac leaves cryptic clues for fellow family members faced with extinction due to a shortage of their magic dust? How about plain English instructions?

5. How does Mr. Conductor manage to get lost on the way to the windmill? A railroad track goes right by it.

6. Why is it really necessary for Mutt to put Lily on the wrong train? She does meet Junior in Shining Time, but nothing comes of it until she meets him again the next day anyway.

7a. Were the Conductors genetically engineered as Lady's dependent parasites, to ensure that she would always have caretakers motivated to see to her?
7b. Is it possible the previous Conductor's failure to follow up with Burnett Stone (the boy in 3b) was a purposeful effort to exterminate his family rather than force them to endure unending slavery under Sir Hatt?
7c. How was this concealed from Sir Hatt?
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