Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Tentative plans for tomorrow

1. Blackberry pie is made.

2. Someone Else will cook the turkey breast.

3. Someone Else will scrub and cut up the potatoes. I will boil and mash them. (The belly makes it hard to get close to the sink and counter to scrub and chop.)

4. Stuffing out of a bag, augmented with fresh onions and celery, probably Dear Spouse preparing it.

5. Nana will make squash, possibly tonight.

6. Gravy out of jars.

7. Peas in a steamer bag optional.

I am totally okay with this. My Big Thing is the pie, honestly. The only other thing that could say "Thansgiving" louder is grandpa's homemade sage stuffing, and dear grandpa isn't around anymore to make it (and I haven't hit upon the right trick to making it yet). I am just psyched about having a low-stress, pleasant family meal in my own home.
Tags: family, food
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