Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Still pregnant; now with rhinovirus

Nana caught a cold when she came down earlier in the month, and it's passed to all of us. Not a real big deal, honestly - typical runny nose and ache sort of thing, not one of the species of the hideous Creeping Crud that's going around. My two guys are both snoozing in the living room at the moment. Poor Spud has been avoiding his naps and just conked out on the floor. I'm afraid if I try to move him to his bed, he'll wake up.

I appreciate Ben's efforts to contribute to his Mama's well-being with internal deep tissue massage, but it's honestly getting kind of weird-feeling.

My standard self-treatment for most colds is regular Sudafed (the good old stuff, approved by my midwives) and lots of water. Lots of water overnight + 8 lbish baby on bladder = not much sleep. I should see about getting a nap in myself...
Tags: pregnancy
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