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Still pregnant

I'll be 38 weeks on Thursday. Tireder, crankier, more forgetful. Starting to feel awkward and lumbering. I might take off work early after all.

Very cranky today. After a minor "I see spots" moment (all of 30 seconds), like a good patient I call my midwives. I am hoping to get a nurse to confirm that, without swelling or headache, this is no big deal. Well, the nurses are "in a meeting" (later amended to "at lunch") but an OB thought I should come in for a BP check. Well, that's an hour ride and I'm in the middle of mandatory training at work. How about I get it checked at the on-base clinic? Should be fine, says the receptionist. Call back with the numbers.

So our on-base clinic was closed; Bolling's would only take me if I was enrolled there; but there was a screening machine in the gym. First reading: 127/82, and that's when I'm so frustrated after 45 minutes of driving around Navy installations and standing in lines that I'm fit to cry or scream. Some deep breaths and relaxation, and it's down to a perfectly respectable 118/78.

I call back the office. The BP numbers are fine, but now a nurse is telling the receptionist I need to come in anyway. Frustrated, I go.

I get there. I am expecting... something. More than the usual regular check-up. Because they asked me to come in for something more than the BP reading I already got, right?

No. The midwife has no idea why I am there. My BP is fine (and now down to 112/74). There are no additional tests. Which nurse said I had to come in? I don't know.

So. On the plus side, still healthy! On the minus side, this was a colossal waste of everyone's time.
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