Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Totally going to lose geek cred on Friday*

So, surprise-surprise, I didn't get around to making a captain's coat for Spud's Halloween outfit. Back to Plan A: Han Solo.

Easy, right? I mean it's what, a white shirt, black pants and a brown vest? So I grabbed a white shirt, black pants and a brown sweatshirt to cut up.

This is not the smuggler I was looking for, apparently.

I got the white shirt part right, but that was it. Black vest, and apparently blue pants with red lines down the side. (My friend Gena informs me Han was in the Imperial military briefly and those were his uniform pants.)

We may have some blue pants, but he's going to have to live with the brown vest. And I'm skipping the blaster holster - I don't imagine it would last too long anyway.

I need to make some padded round brown things and sew them to a headband. A chemise (or two, for opacity) and a belt and I'm good to go.

*The church's Halloween party is Friday, not Saturday. I don't know if we're going trick-or-treating or not - Shy Boy probably won't like it.
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