Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Another boy!

I had an ultrasound this morning to check the baby's position (head down, hurray!), and he is very much a boy. He's weighing in at 7.25 lbs (+/- 1 lb) and measuring 37.5 weeks - a week older than expected. But late-term ultrasound estimates of due date aren't so reliable (because babies come in an assortment of sizes and shapes), so I'm not going to pencil in Nov 12 as a new due date.

I meet the Labor Companions on Wednesday - they're nursing students with some doula training who provide free doula services out of Johns Hopkins. Our doula from last time does not do the doula thing anymore, and the other one we contacted cost twice as much. (And I can't guarantee my dad will happen to be in town this time! Seriously, he was an awesome doula.) Then Thursday is another midwife appointment.

Nana arrives on Thursday and is staying til Tuesday, mostly to give the Dear Spouse a break. I'm doing okay taking care of myself, but there's a bunch of stuff I can't do around the house anymore and it's all falling on him. Add to that Spud's sudden need to always be on Dad's lap and he's feeling frazzled. Nana plans to come back down a week before my due date to help around labor and delivery time, too.

Cross fingers and knock on wood that it all goes at least somewhat closer to according to plan this time!
Tags: family, pregnancy, spud
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