Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Four to six weeks til delivery

Tomorrow, I'll be 36 weeks pregnant. This is almost exactly the time I gave birth to Spud.

However, then my blood pressure was something like 140/90. My feet were swollen and I saw spots randomly. As of yesterday, my blood pressure was still 116/70, which is about where it's been the whole pregnancy. No swelling, no spots. Heck, I even have less heartburn this time around.

The midwife declared that I have a "two-headed baby," by which you should infer that the baby's butt is as hard as its head and she couldn't tell which was uppermost, not that the ultrasound tech made some critical error. So I'm to go for another ultrasound on Monday to determine if the baby is breech or not.

My coworkers keep asking me when I'm leaving. Like I know. Um, when I go into labor or get too uncomfortable to come to work, whichever comes first? The baby has so far refused to pencil in a date on my calendar for our kickoff meeting.

Spud wants "Up!" a lot more and has taken up repeating "bay-bee" at random intervals. I finally asked him if he was the baby. "Yes!" (Not that this is a definite indication of an actual functioning question/answer pair.) We're telling him he's our boy, our big boy, and that the new baby is coming soon, and that we love him and we'll love the baby. It's gonna be a rough time for the poor guy regardless.
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