Teleri (telerib) wrote,

I hate DC traffic

I used to try to hit the road by a quarter til 6am, so that I'd be at the office by 6:30. Then I got pregnant, and my body insisted on a bit more sleep, and my departures were delayed. I get in now between 7 and 7:30 with correspondingly later departure times.

I'm usually tending, in fact, more towards the 7:30 than the 7, and the half-hour makes all the difference. Traffic crawls through the ICC construction on I-95, crawls through the 295/Beltway merge, crawls past the 295/50 split, crawls from Burroughs Ave to Pennsylvania Ave.

So I was very happy to actually get out the door at 6:20 today. Okay, it took a few minutes to scrape off the unexpected frost, but still. Nice and early, should totally get in by 7.

Accident on 95-S blocking the right hand lane. Dammit.
Tags: pregnancy, work
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