Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Preyed upon

So, there was this preying mantis on a garbage can, and the groundsman was all, "I don't even wanna go near that can."

And I'm like, "No big deal, it's a big bug. I can move it." Because most bugs, they'll just climb onto your hand, right? And it's not like a mantis is venomous.

Did you know those front feet end in sharp little claws? That will break skin?

Then, even on the ground, bugfriend wouldn't let go. Pregnant lady gets tired of squatting there after a minute or two, decides it's time to encourage bug to detact. Also, bug is making biting motions with its mandibles, which is disturbing. And I think the claw (it only had one of its front legs) was digging in deeper over time. Get out ID badge, attempt to use it to press on leg to remove claw.

Yep, bastard bit me.

I gave my hand a brisk shake and it flew off, landed on the sidewalk. Seemed okay, and groundsman said, "Thanks."

I was somewhat gratified when my co-worker the avid gardener was also surprised that the carnivorous bug attacked me. Yes, I know it's a preying on other bugs mantis but seriously, they've always seemed pretty chilled out and nonaggressive to me. So, word to the wise. They bite.
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