Teleri (telerib) wrote,

At long last, a victory

Witness, my friends, these long-awaited words:

"The gist of this is true according to Snopes"

(You should imagine the faint strains of 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' playing for the remainder of the post.)

Those words began the latest email forward from my father. Now, Dad is not the biggest forward offender out there. He slants towards well-meaning alarmism and occasional patriotic statements. Since at least the late nineties, I have responded to just about every single one of the well-meaning alarmist forwards with a link to Nine times out of ten, it debunked the cautionary tale in question.

After ten years of sporadic reinforcement, it appears that Dad has started to vet his forwards at Snopes before sending them on to me.

Glory, glory hallelujah; His Truth goes marching on.
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