Teleri (telerib) wrote,


I used to wear my work badge on a beltloop. Problem: Not all my pants have beltloops. Double problem: It's really better badge etiquette to wear the thing on the upper portion of the body.

Obstacle: Every outfit ends up accessorized with an ugly 3/4" wide nylon lanyard.

Solution: Beaded necklaces! Quick and easy to make, inexpensive. I can either use smaller beads in an all-over pattern, or use some big "showpiece" beads as long as I remember to leave a central gap of seed beads where I can clamp on my badge.

Today I am sporting mixed glass beads in red and black, spaced with red and silver seed beads. Much nicer than the lanyard! It will look great with my red or grey suit. Very much a score.
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