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Heraldic banner

I have had, for some years now, a smallish piece of silk that's meant to be a heraldic banner... someday.

El Numero Uno source for Anglo-Saxon era banners or pennants. They seem to be less personal heraldry and more "Look, I'm a knight!", at least according to that website's author. But they do carry charges (crosses, mostly, some with balls or blocks of color).

Most are a small rectangle or square with 3 triangle pennants attached. I think I saw one swallowtail (two pennants), one or two with four, and one with five. There's an infamous "raven banner" carried by one Norman knight, and Harold's "dragon banner." (Possibly a sort of windsock, which would actually be insanely cool.)

The easy option is to transfer my arms to a smallish rectangle and attach some triangular pennants. I registered my arms before I got all Anglo-Saxon crazy, so they're not particularly suitable, but they're not bloody awful, either. (And arguably, the 'field, bordure, single charge' look would probably conflict with someone, somewhere.)

The 'wink-wink' option is to mess around with the layout of my charges, or the number of them, or the field - creating essentially an unofficial, unregistered badge-y variant sort of thing.

The more thoroughgoing option is to make a more suitable badge and then register it.
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