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We went to the Maryland Science Center today!

I think it was our first family trip taken specifically on Spud's behalf. Not that the Science Center wasn't cool, but I would probably not have shelled out $15 to just see it on my own. This was definitely for him, as opposed to taking him somewhere that was for us, or for our families.

He loved it. He loved sweeping sand with the brushes, he loved the swirling water and tornado displays, he adored all the buttons to push. He even ran, giggling, right up to... a blank grey wall. Kids are strange.

I was fairly content to let him play with one thing for as long as it amused him; the Dear Spouse wanted to show him different things. We would have probably never have left the atrium without some lift-and-carry. "No! No, I'm having fun here! I don't wanna goooooh, what's that?"

The kids' room is on the third floor, and we almost didn't get there because of the fun he was having on the way up. But I'm glad we made it up there, because they had a water table. That lasted a good long time, until he picked up one of the water-scooping cups and started to drink out of it. Ack! (You'd think the chlorine would be a deterrent...)

I have been wanting to see the laser harp since I heard about it. Somebody reprogram that thing! Long strings = low sounds, short strings = high sounds. Yeesh.
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