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Storvik Novice

I flew the morning and first part of the afternoon solo. Hung out at A&S with beatrixherald, ran around finding heralds (including luscious_purple), stopped in at the performer's tent briefly, and had some lunch. After lunch, I was rapidly rotating between my Exchequer and Poeta hats. Lady Ambra found me - she's acting as Deputy Poeta to run the Known World Poetry Challenge since I won't be at Pennsic, and we went over how the thing appears to run.

The Poeta Novice Contest had no entrants at 1pm, when judging started, but just before 3pm, a young lady of around twelve said she had a poem she would like to enter. It was in her head, so she wrote it out for us. Well, the first part was in her head - I had to leave while she was still composing the second part.

I took Spud back for an experimental foray into feasting. For a two-year old, he was fine. He actually consented to stay on my lap for the first remove and part of the second, but then he was bored. So we split between doing what he wanted (roaming around and visiting dogs) and what I wanted (eating). I didn't realize how late it had gotten, and right around 8pm or so (when both of us usually get ready for bed) we both started to crash and it was Time To Go.

Then they announced the pistachio cream was coming out, so we waited five minutes for that. :) It was yummy as always, but I think the meal's standout was the sausage pottage. OMG, tasty sausages! I'd love to know where they got them.

It was still good to see people, if only to have intermittent 45-second conversations. A lady named Tamara remembered me from apparently a few years ago, when I let her play my harp, and thanked me again. Actually, she opened the conversation with, "YOU'RE the poet?" and complimented my A&S entry. Whoa! Poetry doesn't usually get much attention in A&S displays - it's not as flashy as pretty jewelry or woodworking or garb or... anything, really. It's paper with words on it, not visually striking. So that was a really unexpected boost!

The entry did win the Seven Virtues competition, but as it was the only entry, that's not really a brag. (Still, the prize was an awesome box of Viking stuff, so I ain't complaining.) I was very pleased with my upgraded display. I used the same report cover I've been using, but for the documentation only. The poem itself I put into two document frames I'd hinged together with those little bitty hinges they sell in the craft woodworking section of Michael's. Pop out the stands on the document frames, et voila! Poem easily visible, neatly displayed, and protected somewhat from wind and rain.

We departed at dusk, and the start of the drive home was really lovely. Croom Airport Road is a two-lane, twisty thing, with tall trees on either side that meet overhead to make a long green tunnel. Fireflies were sparking along and even in the road, but there was still enough light to see by. Very beautiful!
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