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A new board game from AEG, publishers of one of my favorite RPGs, 7th Sea. It's an Indiana Jones, pulp exploration-looking thing.

There are twelve possible 'characters' you can chose to run through the game. Four are women. Not a bad ratio, all things considered. But while the guys come in builds from "weeny teenager" to "beefcake Rambo" to "spindly old guy," the ladies come in "skinny and busty and young." Two have truly unnecessary cleavage and one is barely dressed. The fourth, who's wearing buttoned-up clothes like most of the guys? "The Ice Queen." Because there's something wrong with you if you don't like men to stare at your chest.

I've registered a complaint and gotten mostly incomprehension in return.

Y'all, the problem is not the cheesecake, it's when 75% of the options are cheesecake. It's when we feel ask if we're either ignored as a customer base, or that you assume that your fantasies about us are the same as our fantasies for ourselves. It's when we don't deserve the same variety of depiction as the guys.

This is not rocket science.
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