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Gosh, it's been a long time since I was up the night before an SCA event, trying to get something finished.

This weekend, Spouse and Son are road-tripping it up to NJ, leaving me to my own devices. This means a bunch of housework, a fair amount of screwing around on the computer, and as much crafting as I can squeeze in. I mean, have you ever tried tablet-weaving with a two-year old who wants to help Mommy?

So I finished the Plain Red Band and decided it was too plain. Possibly, I should have left well enough alone, but I decided to go ahead and try faux-brocading it with a double strand of gold floss. Real simple, just running stitches along either edge.

It's sparkly! It's also a bit uneven, since I was trying to use the band as a guide to making the stitches and the band was somewhat unevenly woven. (But bonus - that's hard to see in a monochrome!) But not bad for a first effort.

I used a Real Period Cheat, too. They've found brocaded bands that have gold threads just for a few inches; the hypothesis is that they were used in constructing ladies' hairstyles, and the parts that were hidden by hair weren't decorated. So I saved myself some pain and just decorated the part that'll show if I wear this as a headband, to keep my hair up off my neck.
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