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It's a project!

The treasure necklace turned out okay. Possibly it is too blinged-out with pendants per inch, but... *shrug.* It was nice to finally use some of the beads I've been given over the years, as gifts, site tokens and prizes, to make something nice.

At beatrixherald's suggestion, I tried making a pagan Anglo-Saxon peplos dress instead of a Viking apron. I did a quick consult with Gale Owen-Crocker's book and found that early Anglo-Saxon bead festoons could include pendant components. Now, whether or not they included wire twists with special beads, or even so many pendants, I'm not sure, but it was Close Enough for Government Work.

I had 5ish yards of nubby blue silk I bought at Pennsic, oh... eight years ago? Since I haven't used it yet, I figure whatever alleged project I was going to use it for has expired, and I drafted four yards of it into becoming a peplos. Pin, festoon, looks sweet! A little short - mid-shin - but that's not unexpected for something that's an overlayer in colder weather.

Hey, what if I belted it? That brought it up closer to knee-high and... wait, what's that draft?

I was sporting a mini-skirt look in the back! The back of the dress is pulled over the shoulders to pin to the front, so the back is a touch higher than the front. Belting it exaggerated that a lot.

By moving the shoulder-pins further toward the top of my shoulders, I could get the hem down to the back of my knees in the rear. Still pretty short. I finally figured that belting it is probably not meant to be, and anyway, within another month or two, I'm not going to have a waist to belt around anyway.

Next time, 60" fabric.
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