Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Bad Viking garb, ahoy!

I don't like the heat. I especially don't like the humid heat. So in the summer, I inevitably find myself shedding my undertunic at SCA events and going barearmed in a short-sleeved overtunic. Or, I ditch all semblance of gender-appropriate clothing and wear blousy bog pants and a tunic. I'm not especially proud of this, but... a hot Teleri is a cranky, short-tempered Teleri and y'all don't want that.

Well, a single layer of linen (or cotton) is cool, and I own several long-sleeved undertunics. But they look so naked without anything over them!

Also, I have a growing pile of small beads and ornaments that I've been given at bardics and A&S competitions for my work. I'd like to display them, say... on one of those festoons strung between the pins of a Viking apron-dress.

Which is, hey, a simple sleeveless thing worn over an undertunic! It is an additional layer, but it's about the most minimal one I could think of. Might this be a solution to two problems?

Then there's the third problem: events coming up soon. Sure, two weeks is plenty of time for an unornamented apron-dress for most people, but not quite for my life.

But I do have a blue flannel sheet that no longer fits any bed in the house. I could hem that sucker all around and do a wrap-style dress, where there's overlap at the top so you're not flashing leg at the bottom. I believe it used to be a common way of making apron dresses, although scholarship since then has found better ways.

Pros: Fast; leaves fabric intact for other uses if I upgrade later.

Cons: More layers of fabric over my chest, not the right way to do it.

Likely course of action: Hem the sheet, but see if there's time to draft a pattern for a more fitted single-layer dress.
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