Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Happy Birthday, Spud!

He's two. Can you believe it?

He goes up and down stairs like a pro. He's gotten the hang of getting onto his push-along Tonka trunk, although he can only scoot it backwards for the moment. He likes us to read to him, and to look at books on his own. He stacks wooden blocks, scribbles with crayons, and likes the slide in the park.

He asks to be picked "Up!" and can make his preference for "Ilk!" or "Yuse!" known. The 'ights go 'on' and 'off'. He clamors to go "Oot, oot!" and will walk or run halfway around the complex. He sometimes says "Step, step" when he goes down the stairs, and sometimes something that sounds like he's counting, "One, two, three" (surely just imitating what we say rather than having any idea of number). Nana taught him that a stop sign was "Stop!" and now every sign is "Stop!" And all letters are "P." (From the P's on his car mat, for 'Parking.')

He still won't tell us when he needs a clean diaper, but he knows the question. I know this because every time I ask if he needs a clean diaper, he starts to cry and run around and avoid me, especially if the answer is 'yes.'

He's good with playing with his Dad and me, giving us cars or blocks to play with him. We have yet to see if this early sharing will transfer to other kids. He is meeting other kids more often, with trips to the playground and to the church nursery more often in his schedule.

Behold, my art! (OK, Daddy did the big circle part.)

Yup, still cute.

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