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Another 'brilliant plan'

Today, the church RE families get to meet with the minister who's our candidate for the church's next minister. It's a potluck. My repertoire of side dishes is limited, but I'm an OK baker.

Blackberries were on sale, $1 for 6 oz. Blackberry pie is a family tradition! And even if I usually use a store-bought bottom crust, I always make a butter top-crust that is pretty good.

I use a basic recipe from Betty Crocker: berries, a little sugar, a little flour. But I couldn't remember how many berries, so I Googled 'blackberry pie' to get a rough cut. (4-5 c.) But I also encountered a recipe for blackberry-sour cream pie.

That sounded really good. "I'll make that!" I thought, because of course making a recipe you've never tried before is a great idea for a potluck.

I imagined the sour cream part would be very drippy and work its way all around the berries. No. It was 1.25 c sugar, 1 c. flour, 1 c. sour cream. Very thick. It appears to be sitting on top of the berries and getting attractively browned. I'm glad I smoothed it over with a spatula, just in case it didn't ooze like I thought it would.

Well, it's a giant pile of sweet blackberries* with some sweetened dairy on top. It can't be awful, so I'm not going to worry too much. Hopefully it will be actually good and I'll have a new recipe in the file.

*As a kid, I frequently ate frozen wild blackberries that my grandfather picked for us (and then froze). Blackberries, milk and a little sugar was breakfast when we didn't have "eggs, just the way you like them."** They were tiny and mostly very flavorful and sweet. The fresh ones in the store, I've found, are too big and watery, no flavor at all. (The frozen ones are oddly often better.) But these ones on sale are actually great! They taste like blackberries. Must be that they're only good in season, and the season is this week. I've bought 18 containers of the things so far; six went into the pie and we've eaten four or so.

**Grandpa cooked fried eggs. That was how you liked them. Much like how you could have a Model T in any color, as long as it was black.
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