Teleri (telerib) wrote,

News update

I kind of hate to do this via LJ, but the news is getting out and I'd rather have y'all hear it first-hand but virtually rather than second-hand, in case it finds you before I do.

We're expecting!

...yes, a baby. Yeesh.

The major talking points:

- Due date is mid-November.

- Morning sickness is not nearly as bad as with Spud. I'm very tired, but not exhausted; occasionally queasy, but not eternally nauseous.

- First midwife appointment on Monday

- No, I have not come up with a nickname yet

I know common wisdom is to wait until after the first trimester to make such announcements, and that was the plan. But I wanted to tell close family (because if there was a miscarriage, I'd be telling them about that for support anyway). And then Moe told a close friend or two. And then, and then and then... here we are with an LJ post a month early. :)
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