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This weekend is Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival. I have been working on my exhibit, which is 90% things I have done in the last year over on Mi Contra Fa.

Holy cow. I actually did a lot this year. And it's good stuff.

And it's been so much fun pulling it all together. The deadline has gotten me to rediscover a few "almost dones" and put them to bed. And to standardize the appearance of my sheet music. And to reorganize my web pages into something more navigable and flexible. And even to print up cute l'il business cards! It's very satisfying to put a polish on things; it may not exactly be pro quality, but it's better than it was.

And I've had the chance to do this work old-school style, the Old School being grad school. Moe and Spud are visiting Nana this week. I can come home from work, eat a quick supper and do nothing but my projects all night until bedtime. While I am missing my boys already, there is something selfishly wonderful about being able to do that.

Tomorrow should be tons of fun! In addition to my display, I'm putting on a 15-minute performance at 2:20pm, and will be participating in the "Fistful of Fabliaux" poetry challenge. Here is my entry, To Put the Devil Into Hell, based on the 3rd day, 10th tale of The Decameron. "Devil" and "hell" are euphemisms. You can probably guess what for. I think it's a fun piece. :)
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