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What a lovely time!

I gave out all ten handouts plus my instructor notes, so that was 11 attendees. They were attentive, interested, and asked good questions. The feedback was valuable - making a practicum with actual writing and actual performance was definitely a high point. On the other hand *facepalm* I didn't provide nearly enough actual examples of the poetry to illustrate things like alliteration and the stress schemes. Especially in a class for beginners, there should have been lots and lots of examples. Lesson learned.

Lord James of Middle Aston made it in late, and he handed off the Poeta Atlantiae bling to me, explaining the origins of the book and cloak. I read over the list of the Poetas (Poetae?) before me, and it's again a bit humbling to be in that company. I need to do a good job with this.

I'd brought a sandwich, and ate it out in the beautiful weather with Sorcha and Syr Richard, with Beatrix and Jurgen stopping by later, and then Llyr and later William. beatrixherald had the niftiest pin... argh, I can't remember which kind of pin that shape was. From 5' away, it looked like bronze set with cabochons. From 12" away, it was Sculpy with glass and plastic beads. beatrixherald, I think you should totally do a class on Sculpy-based jewelry design. That would be so awesome - is Sculpy kid-safe? That would be a great activity for the Minister of Minors to use at an (indoor, with electricity for the EZBake oven or whatever) event. I mean, I'd make them, too; it seems like an all-ages activity and those are great to have.

I picked up two books for $2 from the booksale - the production of medieval church drama and a Cambridge companion to early English lit. The Cambridge was vol. 1 of a 4 vol. set; it's from 1926 or thereabouts and the scholarship is probably dated. I dithered for a long time, wondering if I should get all 4 because I didn't want to break up the set - but I also didn't want 3 books I don't really want or need crouching on my already crammed bookshelves.

It was just so darn pleasant. Everything was just nice and went well and there was no stress or drama or tension. I thanked the Dear Spouse profusely for what I'm considering an early Valentine's Day present.
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