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Halloween is my favorite holiday. Last year, I decorated but didn't really dress up (except in garb, which doesn't count for Scadians); we'd just moved, had the baby, etc. No energy left.

This year, it was my sister's wedding. The run-up involved multiple trips to NJ and some stress with the other bridesmaids. Plus, toddler. I just wasn't thinking about it, until rivka asked me if we were going to the church's Halloween party. And I realized I was totally unexcited about Halloween coming, and how sad that was, given how much I usually look forward to it.

Some shopping therapy and a mental readjustment later, and we're good to go! The front yard has a tattered sail and pirate flag hung in the tree (pirate flag saved from party we held back in College Park because I am a packrat; flag from scrap material). Old plastic skull decoration from same party updated with scrap fabric pirate bandana. A few pirate-y decorations from JoAnn's and Target, on sale, added. Yay!

I have always wanted to see Spud in a little Colonial Williamsburg coat, so I made one for him. Just needs (non-functioning) buttons. I'll have a (bad) Colonial Lady costume to go with; the mob hat, for example, is a fabric circle I'm holding onto my head with elastic. On the outside, like a headband, because I don't want to gather and sew the fabric to the elastic. But it passes the Ten Foot Rule and it's Halloween, not an A&S competition, so who cares?
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