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Follow-up on gaming cheesecake

Lo, I did write a letter, and lo, got back a response within hours:

Originally, we had different covers on our products. However, our distribution agent for our print versions “strongly encouraged” us to change those covers because they did not do well in marketing tests. The covers that we currently have are the result of those marketing test.

That is not to dismiss your concerns or excuse our current covers, even though it may sound like it. I’m merely trying to explain our cover art to you. The fact that these covers cost us a potential customer is very upsetting to me personally. We’re a very small company, and we are not going to ever become a large company… or even a medium sized company… if we alienate any portion of our customer base.

As a show of our thanks for your input and an attempt to earn your business in the future, I have uploaded the PDFs of both Lady’s Rock and Rooks’ Haven, with the original cover art, to the Erisian Entertainment website for you to download and use at no charge.

(Downloading instructions snipped)

To ensure that this does not happen again, I am looking to create an advisory board of partners, play-testers, distributing agents, and customers. As one of our (potential but lost) customers, I would like you to be a part of that project, if you would be willing to do so. I have to work out the details with the other partners, but I’m confident that there will be few, if any, complaints once they learn of what has happened.

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