Teleri (telerib) wrote,

What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs

The Spud has been able to climb stairs for months now; he just hasn't liked doing it much. Especially the uncarpeted stairs leading from the dining room to the living room; he'd just stand at the bottom and whine until someone helped him up.

Two nights ago, I heard what I thought was Moe bringing the Spud up to his crib. Then I heard a noise in the bathroom. "If Moe's in the bathroom, who's got the baby?" I asked myself, heading out of the room to see what was going on.

Different Moe in the bathroom. Ninja Child had silently scaled two flights of stairs and was merrily playing with the toilet water.

Okay, good to know!

And we've already had our first "toddler within an inch of tumbling backwards down the stairs" moment, complete with sound effects from Mama that had Papa out of his chair and halfway up the house. Hopefully it will be our only such moment.
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