Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Entertaiment at Feast: it is as I suspected

From the SCA Feast Survey:

13 - Do you like entertainment during feast? If so, what kinds do you like or dislike?

One thing that was mentioned over and over was that everyone (who stated an opinion) disliked performances directed to JUST the High Table. The overwhelming majority preferred background music, strolling musicians, or just one or two bards during the whole dinner. Another comment made by most people was they did not mind entertainment as long as they were not expected to be quiet during it. Most people actually enjoyed and looked forward to the dinner table conversation and resented being told to be silent.

I have suspected this for five or more years now.

I think there's a tendency to assume - on the part of the performer and listener - that there should be silence for vocalists, because the words convey meaning, and the meaning is destroyed if half the words go unheard. Also, it's rude to ignore someone who is speaking to you. Instrumentalists have an easier time of doing feast music because the same assumptions do not apply.
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