Teleri (telerib) wrote,

...and that's why we didn't go to Chalice

Moe is at a friend's wedding in NJ today, so I punted on my plans to go to Chalice of the Sun God. I had begun preparing a thoroughly-researched Anglo-Saxon eulogy (if an Anglo-Saxon were told about Persephone and commanded to use that in the eulogy somehow) but decided that soloing the event with the Spud wasn't something I wanted to do.

I chose... wisely.

Instead, we went to the MD Renaissance Festival. This is, I think, the first time I've taken the Spud somewhere because I thought he might like it. Frankly, prior to this age, he hasn't given much indication that the house is superior to the grocery store is superior to the front yard. It's all good.

It went well. It was hot, and he drank water like a trooper. (He also kept throwing the empty sippy overboard, so we went over a good bit of the Festival grounds twice to find it.) But the key was to keep moving. I tried to stop for some shows: the classical guitarist, A Fool Named O (haven't seen him even after all these years), Wolgemut - but the Spud would have none of it. Well, he'd have about five minutes of it. And then we were on the move again (because I wasn't going to subject the audience or the performers to screaming baby).

He liked the elephants and the horses, I think. Bob and Sue Esty were there and sang "Jack and Jill" for him, which he paid attention to. He also smiled for the lady with the stuffed goose who sang a nursery rhyme for him, and flirted horribly with the girls selling me water bottles. Even just getting out of the car, the people getting out of their car right next to us were apparently amazingly interesting.

And right at about 1:30, we had Total Infant Meltdown. Off to the car, and within five minutes, he was solidly asleep as we made our way home. He's up napping now.

The Festival is only 20-30 min from our house, so I didn't mind that we left after "only" two and a half hours - I was expecting it, really. Chalice is more like an hour, hour and a half, if memory serves. And there was a lot less gear and stuff to bring to the Festival.

I'm sorry I didn't get to compete in Chalice this year, but I'm glad I didn't give myself the stress of going.
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