Teleri (telerib) wrote,

"help me write a eulogy for Beowulf"

That Google query landed someone on my music research weblog, Mi Contra Fa.

First, I find the form of the query somewhat amusing, like a lead curse tablet thrown into Google's holy well. It's not a search string so much as it is a petition.

Second, I find it unpleasant to contemplate that my online research might be "helping" students cheat. I've got no beef with actually helping them, if my work points them in a good direction or they reference it (the fools). But I look at that search string and want to translate it as "show me a eulogy I can copy, change a few lines of, and hand in tomorrow."

Happily, my sister (the high school English teacher) assures me that, at the high school level anyway, it's dead easy to tell when a student has done this. When a fifteen-year old suddenly starts writing like a 32-year old PhD, the teacher notices.
Tags: research
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