Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Aloha, Waikiki

We'll be heading out in an hour.

We went to Germaine's Luau last night, the first luau show on the island. It was quite a lot of fun! The show was very nice. I think I liked the men's dances better than the women's (and not even for the obvious reasons); at least for the dances presented, the men's seemed to tell the stories better than the women's. The women's were 80% about shaking their hips (in a very cabaret belly-dance style) and 20% about the arms and the story. The men's had more going on. Hula, when it was a religious ceremony, was men-only, so maybe they still get the more traditional ones.

Our bus escort, Kai, was a hoot. His job was to encourage the bus people to get to know each other on the way out (which he did) and amuse us on the 45-minute ride back (which he did, in spades). I kinda broke him a little. They have a schtick where the "cousins" (guests) on your bus are the good-looking cousins, but the other buses have the ugly cousins. So we ran through the things we would do to insult our ugly cousins if our bus passed their bus. One thing was to strike a sexy pose, so the ugly cousins would be dumbfounded by our good looks. "On the count of three," he says, "show me your most sexy pose!"

One, two, three, I grabbed my husband for a deep kiss.

It took Kai a good minute to collect himself. He kept repeating that no one had ever done that on his bus before. Really? I mean, it seemed the most obvious thing.

Then there was singalong karaoke (so not really karaoke) and I busted out my bard voice and got a few admiring looks from nearby. Nice ending to the evening. :)

So... snorkeling was the definite highlight. Seeing the volcano would come after. But we had a fine time - I don't think there was a single thing we did that we were disappointed about. It's been an awesome vacation.
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