Teleri (telerib) wrote,

How Hawai'i Is Like Pennsic

We skipped Pennsic for this trip, but we've noticed some similarities:
  • There's something of a specialized dress code, but no one cares if you don't really follow it.
  • Almost everyone is on vacation, and those who aren't are mostly in the service industries.
  • There are a lot of toned shirtless men walking around.
  • There's a definite bohemian/hippie vibe, especially among the local over-50 crowd.
  • ZOMG there is a lot of booze.
  • And the under-30 crowd indulges heavily.
  • The buses are annoying and slow and you may as well walk unless you're going downtown.
  • A car seems like it would be a real hassle.

Look! We got garb so we'd fit in:
Tags: sca, travel
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