Teleri (telerib) wrote,


We're in Honolulu and it's 4:40 am local time. We slept as late as we could!

Mountain view from the hotel, huzzah! The ocean's great and all but I'm more of a mountains girl. And they are very neat mountains! It's like someone dropped the fuzzy greenness of the Appalachians onto the jagged edgedness of the Rockies.

Today, we figure out what we're doing and later, I'll register for the conference. I was kinda hoping for an excuse to miss the first sessions, but they look far too awesome. In fact, I'll have a hard time choosing - asteroid deflection, trajectory optimization, autonomous systems? Bwah!

And oh - we picked up the most awesome airport book ever. "The Secret History of the World." ZOMG. Moe's reading it, and the verdict is very well-read, educated total conspiracy mixed nut mix. Eeee!
Tags: travel, work
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