Teleri (telerib) wrote,

We can has cameo?

Preview for documentary on space-based solar power, aimed at high school students. Our robot arm (and its autonomous capabilities, thank you very much!) has a couple of seconds of air time.

The FREND program did not actually address assembly of large-scale structures in space, but something that looks like the FREND arm will probably play a role in that, when we get there. (Unless they go with self-assembling structures.)

The preview didn't address some of the concerns I've heard aired about space-based solar power, namely, what will beaming that much energy through the atmosphere do to it? I don't know if that's because 1) it's only a preview, 2) those concerns have been addressed or debunked elsewhere, or 3) it doesn't fit the goal of the documentary of getting HS students interested in math and science.

I suppose I could go find the NRLers in the video and ask them...
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