Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Somebody deserves a raise

I can understand that a person might be upset at being singled out as a symbol of America's obsession with vapid celebrities who are known more for their personal peccadilloes than any talent, skill, or passion, even if the person in question is a pretty good example of the type. And the response I'd expect would be the typical "It's not fair!" defensive whining, or some sort of arch, too cool for school blowoff of the remark.

Humor? Humor that at once builds on the "vapid celebrity" reputation, attempts to subvert it, and pokes a little fun at the guy you're mad at? That approaches class and style. Class and style. Paris Hilton. Whooda thunkit?

I don't know who scripted that bit for Hilton and who got her to do it, but they deserve raises or bonuses out of her pocket.
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