Teleri (telerib) wrote,


I write a lot.

On a given day, I may write any or all of: gaming material, early music research notes, personal musings, RPG-related stories, and/or RPG play-by-posts (which are sort of collaborative fiction). If I don't write something for a few days, I get twitchy.

But I've never identified with the whole "muse" thing. Heck, I've never liked the idea, although it's very romantic.

Then, I don't see myself as much of a poet, either. I mean, I can arrange words in a moderately pleasing order, adhering to whatever conventions you like. I like to think that I see and appreciate the beauty, terror and irony around me at least as well as the next guy. But I don't have that inspired "way of seeing differently" that marks out a real poet. I can dress up fairly pedestrian sentiments in end-rhymed iambs, but I don't often have much new to say about it.

I have projects, which solve problems. I'm an engineer. I see a hole or a need, and I plan a project to fill it. From there, it's just doing the work to get it done. That often involves creativity, which I like to think I have in good measure. But the catalyst, the thing that starts the creative process in me, isn't usually inspiration. It's analysis.

And do you know, I'm actually much more taken with the idea of Hephaestus as a patron. I'm more of a crafts(wo)man than an artist. Besides, dude built kickass robots.
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