Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Office decor

One of the guys a few doors down has some Tibetan style goin' on in his office - a rug as a wall hanging, a battered box as a monitor support. Another guy has a "sleek geek" thing, with professionally-framed blueprints for (I think) lightsabers complementing his certificate of thanks from NASA for his part in a recent launch. The computer graphics sim guy is a Pixar nut, Star Wars fan, and pinball aficionado, and posters of these things decorate his office. My immediate boss seems to go for "clean and uncluttered" (something of a novelty hereabouts, myself not excepted) with his kids' artwork featured on the walls.

I have, in no particular order, a plant, pictures of the Dear Spouse and Spud, a small tableau of three plaster gargoyles, a model triplane, a poster of a serene forest glen, and an "Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow" bumper sticker. You could call it "eclectic" or you could call it "random stuff," overlaid on Standard Issue Government Ugly office furniture.

I'm thinking... I'm thinking a slow incorporation of steampunk elements. Like... let me get rid of the plastic cup with the colorful plastic thumbtacks and replace it a small, interesting glass full of brass furniture tacks. That would be a very modest start.
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