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SCA Politics

Sometimes I tell fellow geeks I'm in the SCA. "I was for a while, but I left because of the politics," is a not-uncommon reply. And that's always bemused me, because I never saw much of politics. And I was the president/seneschal for our unofficial University group, and liaison to the barony, for three years.

So I've been trying to understand the hoo-hah luscious_purple reports on here. 'Cause that's real politics right there, by gum.

And you know, I'm really not sure why it's a big deal. Is there money involved? That might explain a lot.

So some people in North Atlantia think they should be a Principality. Okay. I would think, first things first, see if the rest of North Atlantia feels the same way. Or else that dog won't hunt. If the rest of North Atlantia does feel that way, why on earth would you get in their way? (Unless there's a money issue.) Do you want a bunch of angry, alienated malcontents guarding your northern border?

The trick, of course, is to accurately gauge the opinion of this nebulous "North Atlantia." Because the loudest people (on whatever side) rarely speak for most of the people.

Yes, it could lead to the formation of a new kingdom. So? That's how we became Atlantia, right? I was in the East when AEthelmearc spun off. The world continued to rotate on its axis, and we still enjoyed the events out in western PA. Issues with Pennsic were worked out, and if that can be worked out, anything can be.
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