Teleri (telerib) wrote,

It didn't suck!

"So is there anything you two want to do?" my mother-in-law asked anxiously. "We'll watch the Spud if you want to go out."

'Nah' was on the tip of my tongue. Actually, I'd already turned on my laptop to work on adapting Douce Dame Jolie to my virelai after dinner. But then a lightbulb went on. "We could go see the Indiana Jones movie," I said slowly.

Moe nodded slowly. "We could go see the Indiana Jones movie," he agreed.

"Why the hell don't you go see the Indiana Jones movie?" my father-in-law put in, good-naturedly.

So we did. I don't think I realized how much I actually wanted to see this movie; I didn't expect to have the chance to go, so I didn't really let myself think too much about it. Also, there was the risk that it would, well, suck.

It does not suck. I thought it was fun as hell. It follows the Indy Jones recipe book. I'd put it behind Raiders and only a tiny bit behind Last Crusade. (The riddles in Last Crusade were much better and it had Sean Connery and John Rhys-Davies.) There are chase scenes and cryptic clues in ancient languages and giant moving stoneworks and venomous animals. Shia LaBoeuf was not annoying. It was good to see Karen Allen again.

Was I thrilled with the whole crystal skull thing? Not especially, but it wasn't sucky. Was the backstory incoherent in places? Absolutely - especially the climax - but things were moving along at such a clip that there's little time to really ponder it. Even as I sat wondering, "Wait, why didn't they just..." I knew the answer was "So we could have this cool set piece" and got on with life. Murky motives of the ancients and all.

I kept expecting Cate Blanchett's villain to insist that "all will love me and despair!"

And of course all the Soviet soldiers completed their firearms training at Imperial Stormtrooper Academy, just like their Nazi counterparts.

On the cool side, there were also multiple call-backs to the other movies. A soldier looking in his rearview mirror, early on, I swear came right out of the car chase in Raiders. Unless I'm mistaken, they poke a little fun at the infamous rubber raft scene from Temple of Doom. Late in the movie, LaBoeuf strikes a pose that looks eerily familiar. There are monkeys.

I had a hell of a good time.
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